Arboreal Architects

are what me and my partner like to call ourselves, we have just started up a business creating bioactive vivariums for reptile and amphibian pets. The name of our new company is Arboreal Architecture, but today I’m here to talk about us and why we created the business!

Half a cup of  me…

IMG_5690I’m 19 and currently study a bachelor of science degree in geology-and no that isn’t just rocks-it centres around evolution and palaeontology also and I have a great interest in Darwinism and how animals have adapted through time.

Two tablespoons of him…


my partner, also 19, will begin his Bachelor of Fine Art in September. He has a really creative mind and has a passion for photography also. During his gap year he has been completing an animal care and behaviour course which he is thoroughly enjoying.

An ounce of obsession…


so where did it all start? -well last year we bought our first reptile, she (later to be found out a he) is called Athena and is a harlequin crested gecko. After moving to university we decided to buy an army of four frogs-yes they are actually called an army. Their Latin name being mysteriosus which we found intriguing. After that every occasion became an excuse to buy more ending up with 8 geckos 4 frogs and breeding projects in the making!

And a pinch of experimentation…

IMG_5816post-frogs we decided to invest in creating a live and bioactive vivarium, the humidity would not stay high in our vivs and our animals needed cleaning out twice weekly! After endless hours of research videos, blogs and contacting pet stores we finally managed to start creating our own unique homes for our pets. We got the hang of it pretty fast and began to have people enquiring so decided to turn it into our own business.



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