“You don’t want a cat gecko, they are too difficult to keep happy”

Too late! My partner had already bought me a male, which I named Ailuros (an egyptian god who could morph into a cat) of course we were worried that he wouldn’t settle in, I had read online they don’t usually eat for a month when moved and only then if they have perfect conditions will they begin a regular diet.

He began eating small crickets within a week and although timid at first but within two months as soon as the lights went out and we misted him, he’d wake up and come straight out of his cocohide. Malaysian cat geckos move as if a cat stalking its prey, slender and elegant. They are a delight to watch even if shy in the beginning. img_4754

There is more than one type of cat gecko- the Borneo, Johor and Cameroon highlands are the most well recognised but there is ongoing research into which are classed as different species. The Cameroon Highland (like ours as above) has black eyes and is a deep burgundy in colour-species felinus. The Borneo cat gecko has green eyes and is known as Aeluroscalabotes dorsalis and is shown below (R) as well as the more silver eyed Johor cat gecko-species felinus  (L).

The genus of these “Aeluroscalabotes” derives from the habit of curling their tail up laterally around themselves they are thought to be one of the more primitive Gekkota (geckos and limbless snake-lizards) so show almost a snap back in time.


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